I got lasik surgery. No more glasses, no more contacts. Yay.

Not as scary as everyone makes out surgery to be. There’s always risk of course, but the surgeon said that he had done 15,000 of these zappings and only 1 went wrong and they just had to do another one to correct it.

It’s a very automated process. A computer maps your eye, you wait 2 months, it maps your eye again, it designs a slice pattern, it programs the laser, the doctor only performs one part of the whole thing, he pries your eye open, and after the laser is done he drops a bit of dry ice onto your eyeball to cool it.

In fact that was the only bit that hurt, he dropped a little of it on my cheek and it burned, other than that it was a painless, simple procedure. Stare at the red light with one eye, stare at the red light with the other eye, go home, sleep, go to work next day.

Easy peasy.