The Worst Day I Ever Had

nsfw, swearing. it is a true story. i have not named anyone because it is true.

The days feel like an old 16mm reel-to-reel stuck in a loop. When I dream I dream entire days of work and when I wake up I am forever a day behind. People always say that the routine of waking up at the same time everyday is numbing but I find that having rotating schedules has a far more zombifying effect. Do I work at 8:00am today? Or is it 10:30am? Maybe tomorrow is 12:00pm and today is 3:30pm. Yesterday was 2:00pm. Maybe that was last week’s schedule. It’s all a blur under these fluorescent lights. I am always surprised by what is waiting for me outside. When I expect daylight it is already night, when I expect night the sun is still up. The numbers on my watch never prepare me for the temporal reality just outside this artificial glow.

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The Worst Day I Ever Had

What I Learned from The Dark Knight Rises

The Batman Movie without the Batman

(there are spoilers below, you have been warned)

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What I Learned from The Dark Knight Rises

9/11 Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Story

A coworker asked me what I thought about the WTC7 building and thermite theory and it got me to thinking about what leads me to my beliefs. It has sparked this post.

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9/11 Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Story

What I Learned from Premium Rush

When an action movie opens with a 20+ year old rock ballad, run like hell. Or, as the tag line goes, ride like hell.

The hero is good looking, the girl has nipples, the bad guy is sufficiently crazy, the plot is needlessly ridiculous and the action is decidedly mediocre. Should be a good B movie right?

I always hear that phrase “takes itself too seriously” and I really dislike it but it fits so well about this movie. It is a movie that has fixie vs road bike as a major plot point. Yeah, there’s even an uphill race where there is a close up on one of the bikes as the chain moves gears.

Not to mention the whole thing is a setup to smuggle a Chinese immigrant into the country. There is a throwaway line about it being a legal immigrant but I almost missed it so I imagine there are a lot of people who missed it and thought they had just watched a movie that glorifies illegal immigration. Not a good selling point.

Anyway, not a good action movie, not a good B movie, not even a good bike movie. So sad.


What I Learned from Premium Rush

meeting god

at the end of the world
with the book of life opened
and all of existence bearing witness

rows and rows of all souls
the dead risen and amongst the living
waiting for their moment before the great one

i am last
but my turn comes
i take my place before my creator

my life
in all its brief glory
flashes before me

he tells me
i am forgiven
do i believe and take him into my heart

a long pause
my mind races
i hold my breath

being last
i have seen all those before me
billions upon billions of lives

their happiness and sorrow
the trials and triumphs
the light and the dark

i have seen their smiles
heard their laughing
but that is not what sticks

it is the screaming
the suffering
the numbing darkness

do you believe
that i created all
out of love

or do you believe
that you evolved from

i shake my head
i do not i cannot believe
that all was created in love

i cling to evolution because
the story is so much better
than the truth

meeting god