Companies are not People

Hobby Lobby has recently decided that breaking part of the law is better than violating their principles, in this case by providing emergency contraception as part of their health benefits for their female employees.

Now, aside from the fact that I feel that this is a ideological attempt to control women’s bodies let me voice my other outrage over this.
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Companies are not People


i think i have chosen to drink coffee about 20 times in my life. i don’t hate it and if i am around people who are drinking it i usually enjoy having a cup myself but i rarely have ever gone out of my way to get it myself.

that all changed recently. i woke up a few days ago and decided i wanted coffee. i have pretty much had a cup everyday since. i have always heard that when you get old things change but this has such a bizarre “here’s how it’s gonna be fella” feel to it. i fear what might happen next, will i suddenly start caring about my yard? or start buying plaid?



Facebook is for people you know but wish you didn’t. Twitter is for people you don’t know but wish you did.




every so often the end of the world comes and
there is much gnashing of teeth and weeping for salvation
people give up their lives, their families, their fortunes

we spend so much timing worried about our end that we forget that we are alive


the elevator

A lot of the interesting things I learn about come from Metafilter. It’s a blog/discussion type place where people share neat stories/websites they find.

Recently a story about the Dutch was posted and in the midst of the discussion a user posted the following:

hi. im sorry to hijack this threadbut im trapped in an elevator. no cell phone this is my kindle whih doesnt seem to handle email but lets me write here. its been two hrs now of pressing the alarm. im at the ponce school of medicine research bldg s one elevator. could some mefi who speaks spanish call my wife ana fajardo at 787 8133059. i think if she comes to the school and finds the guard at thegate theyll know what to do.
posted by dances_with_sneetches at 3:29 PM on 12/28

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the elevator