The Telescope

There is some discussion amongst certain philosophers that the real Tower of Babel, that God so ingeniously did away with, was not really a tower so much as it was a set of ideas, or inventions that would’ve brought about disastrous effects to all of mankind. Space travel, some say, genetic engineering say others. But couldn’t it be conceivable that the real Tower of Babel, built to reach out to God and touch his heavens, was in fact a telescope? What worse thing to befall humanity than to look out from its little ball of existence and come to the tragic realization that everything is very much bigger and emptier than anyone’s wildest imaginations. So of course God, the one from the Old Testament, that figure of patriarchal power and not the quietly absent one from the New Testament, would look around and see that a telescope would be a very nasty thing. Imagine an ant climbing to the top of its mound one day and instead of taking its place in line, looking up and out at the great heavens and beginning to wonder what sort of meaning its life has in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully an ant doesn’t experience moments of distress over its routines and never would dream, if insects are so inclined, of looking past the rump of the ant in from of it. Humans, however, have lots of time to think about such things. So God, if He is to be believed in, struck down the works of man in an attempt to reach up and out. Man of course just wiped the blood off his nose and tried again and again and again and again.

The Telescope

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