far cry 4

I finished farcry4 recently and while being a pretty decent shooter the story got a little weird. In a weirdly political derailment the ending(s) of the game became statements about corruption and power. The game has 2 possible endings based on decisions made throughout the campaign. A third option also exists provided you do nothing but let the character sit in a chair for 13 minutes.

Ending A is a crazed despot turning the country you’ve just liberated into a drug mill. Thus enslaving the briefly freed people as drug growers. The biggest problem I had with this was how sympathetic the character appears to be. Just about every hint you get seems to say the other ending is the worst one.

Option B is a crazed despot turning the country you’ve just liberated into a religious zealots dream. Complete with beheadings of infidels. The problem with this ending is that a character that has been touted as ridiculous important to everything just despawns and is gone. Just poof. No more Bhadra. So it’s not just a depressing ending it’s an incomplete one. It’s like the dev’s couldn’t be bothered to wrap it up.

There is no happy ending. No satisfying conclusion to all the violence and work your character has put in. It seems to be some sort of statement about power and how it corrupts. A grimdark parable of religious zeal and greed and ultimately it’s disappointing.

I don’t play video games to understand the heart of darkness. Instead of spending all that time fighting to save my little pixelated kingdom and bring peace and happiness to it farcry4 forced me to leave the place just as fucked as when I arrived. My experience in Kyrat completely meaningless.

Sometimes a guy just wants to save the fake world.

far cry 4

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