the kid: someone else’s candy

I was putting the kid into the car seat when she found her cousin’s easter bag. Knowing the general attitude that she has I braced myself for a fight with the two and a half year old monster. 
She pulled out a couple of the toys from the bag. “These are Jake’s.” I agreed with her. She put them back in the bag. A little package of candy eggs came out next. “This is Jake’s candy. Can I have some?” 
“No, that is Jake candy. ” I told her expecting to get bombarded with wails and pleading. 
“Okay.” She put the candy back in the bag and I finished strapping her in. 
I was expecting a full on toddler breakdown and was taken completely by surprise. I feel like it is an important event because toddlers are usually so self-centered and her deferring to her cousin’s ownership of the candy was great. 

the kid: someone else’s candy

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