About Me

I, being a person with thoughts and ideas, created this blog as a place to share my ideas and experiences.

I am a relatively boring person. I play with my kid. I go to work. I play video games, I watch movies and TV. I listen to music.

As of October 2016 I have been married for 16 years. It’s not the perfect relationship, it’s not the worst, it’s weird and it’s great. My wife and I have somehow figured out how to live with one another without too much struggle and very little strife. That’s mostly her fault, she has a ton of patience.

In May 2017 my daughter will be 4. She’s an amazing little kid (of course) and she reminds me constantly that I probably have no business being a father. I just hope she knows I love her.

As of October 2016 I have worked for WinCo Foods for 14 years. 5 of those were as a Lead Clerk. The rest were as an IT Support Tech. It’s a pretty sweet gig.

I am a Stockton native but feel as much at home in Lodi, Sacramento, San Francisco and Monterey. I am undeniably Californian. I’ve spent enough time in Phoenix to say I sort of enjoy it there, as a tourist.

I am a gamer in the sense that I have an elite self-built gaming PC (2 of the them actually) and I usually play around 10 to 15hrs a week. I mostly like FPS shooters but have absolutely spent too much time in Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, Skyrim and Fallout4.

If there is anything in my life that could be considered “spiritual” it is the cinema. Watching a good movie (and in this, the golden age of TV, a good show) is the best thing. You can see what I consider a good movie here.

I play fantasy football fervently and run (badly) a keeper league. I am a pretty big football fan and I wrestle with the ethical ramifications of that.

I am a feminist.

I am a privileged cis white guy and I try not to cause harm to those who are not like me.

I am an atheist but I am not militant. You are free to believe whatever you like just don’t force it into my life or the lives of others.

You can follow me on twitter if you so choose.

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